What is a fight? People look at that word in many different ways. It can be a physical altercation or verbal disagreement. It could also be a sport. Some look at a fight as a positive thing, with good pitted against evil. I have been fighting my whole life, but not in the way most people would view it. I have fought my interests, my ideals, my goals, and myself overall. I have spent my years on this earth conforming to society’s norms and appeasing those around me.

Happiness is having lots of money, a nice car, a big house, a good job, and a beautiful girl right? I have strived to make those things happen, to fit the mold, but in reality I have never wanted any of those things (well let’s not discount the beautiful girl just yet).  It was only until I came to grips with the fact that I am just not “normal”, or at least not by the general population’s view, that I started to be happy. I found happiness in fighting and writing, two things I have always had an interest in but never followed through with.

So what is a fight to me? To me, life is the fight. Finding happiness, a comfort zone with yourself no matter what your surroundings or situation may be. I’m following my dream now. I’m not rich, I don’t drive a nice car or have a big house, and I definitely don’t have the ideal “job” for most people. I’ve found getting punched in the face or having the blood cut off to my brain is actually a whole lot easier than trying to be something I’m not. Pushing myself to my physical and mental limits and challenging myself at something that constantly beats me is where I’ve found my happiness.

This is my journey. I left the job, the girl, and everything else to pursue it. This website is about my travels and my fight, on the mat, in my mind, and in life.


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