What would a blog about my life be without me actually having a life? It’s been all work and no play the past couple weeks, so I decided to take a little trip this past weekend. After all, what better to do when you’re about to travel to another country to fulfill a lifelong dream than to take a vacation right? Ok, probably not the best idea, but I needed a weekend away.

I decided to go visit my “twin” on the east coast as I’ve only been out that way for flight layovers. First stop was to Baltimore. With the blizzards in Chicago I was somewhat afraid that I wouldn’t make my flight on Friday, but I got there no problem and fortunately for me I probably picked the best winter weekend to be out there. The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time.

The first stop was to see my friend’s new house. He has a great place a few blocks from the stadiums where the Balitmore Ravens and Orioles play. I get the grand tour and, imagine this, drinks are poured. Mind you it’s 3pm EST. I didn’t mention that my friend is actually my “party twin”, and if you saw us side by side you would understand why this is hilarious. Anyway, the rest of the day and night was really just checking out the scene in Baltimore.

We stopped into the neighborhood bar, “Tommy’s”, and it reminded me of a lot of the places at home. After that we hit Ra Sushi, which was the most happening sushi place I’ve ever been to in my life. We made friends with a couple girls since every table was taken, and I think I learned a little bit of Serbian. This was also the first time I’ve ever had sake, and sake bombs at that.

One funny thing about Ra was that we actually made a “kitty” between the two of us with all the cash we had on us, and that was to be our spending money for the night. The kitty was $199 as we both had almost identical cash in our wallet. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring the kitty to Ra, but I did have my debit card and it did take a ton of abuse. The next day I figured we had the kitty for Saturday, but to my surprise we managed to go through that at some point in the night too.

This is the point in which it gets interesting. After we leave there, we go to a multitude of places, but I might have over did it. There is some great video footage I took with my minoHD which will not make the blog. Unfortunately, I also lost my debit card at one of the many places we visited. Either way, it was a great time checking out the nightlife in Baltimore.

Saturday we hit Washington D.C. for another interesting night. We didn’t go to too many places, but we did get a nice table at a place called “Current” which just so happened to be another sushi place. This one also had a club upstairs though. We were all pretty tired out from the night before, but we managed to make it a good time and I had a great conversation with a pretty little lady in a cocktail dress that works at one of the embassies in Washington.

Overall, I had an excellent time in both spots and it was great to see a good friend. I have a feeling I’ll be making it out there quite a few times in the future. Hopefully next time I can actually see some of the touristy stuff, and maybe the embassy girl again as well. Training resumed Monday, and I am beat right now. I am learning so much lately I almost feel as I’m getting worse, but I’m really just realizing more small holes in my game. It’s all part of the process. I also hope to review some of the new gear I’ve purchased over the past couple weeks. Finally, I have some news on my first trip that will be announced in the blog later this week!


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