That’s me. The guy with horrible technique. I’ll never think I do anything right, which is why fighting is probably not the sport for an obsessive compulsive perfectionist like me. I think that’s part of the appeal though. I can never, ever master it. There is always something new to learn, something to tweak with this technique or that. Mix in the mental portion and the pushing your limits portion, and I think that’s why i’m so drawn to all of these sports. Anyway, a new feature to the blog is going to be a video of me, hopefully at least once a week doing something. It might be rolling, it might be bag or pad work, whatever it is there will be errors. Part of the fun will be readers getting to correct and make fun of me. Don’t worry, I take it all in stride. It’s part of the learning process and i’m honored to get any feedback, good or bad.

Tonight was an interesting no-gi class. One of the gym members happens to be in the Army and works with new recruits. He brought in a large group of them, about 20 or so into the gym to participate tonight. I think it’s great for them to come in for quite a few reasons. One, the MACP (Modern Army Combatives Program) has it’s roots in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was actually my first taste of the art although I didn’t know it at the time. They can use these skills in basic training, but also this sport can toughen them up. It provides a great core workout which will help immensely when they throw a heavy ruck on and have to march 12 miles or more. It also can help boost their confidence.

Seeing all of them today brought me back to when I enlisted for the Army. I was still in high school at the time, and always wanted to do something to prepare myself. The problem was, I had absolutely no clue what to do. Of course there was the internet then, but it didn’t have near the materials available as there are now. That, combined with trying to get through high school and sports I didn’t get a chance to prepare. I guess tonight was nostalgic for me as well. They seemed like a great group of kids and I hope to see them in the gym again.

As for the training tonight, most of the gym members helped out the soon-to-be privates with the techniques. I was no different as I helped a couple groups of kids work on the guillotine and escaping the guillotine. While I didn’t drill any of the moves, it was a great experience. I really got to look at someone performing the move and look at the technique critically. Although i’m familiar with everything we covered tonight, I see how teaching can really imprint things into your mind. It reminds me of something I was reading about Bruce Lee the other day, and how he constantly needed new training partners to try things out on and improve. Learning through teaching is a great concept, and I really enjoyed being able to impart some of the little knowledge I have on to someone else. It was also great to see the concepts “click” in some of the students eyes. I have to wonder if I was really that wide eyed when some of them hit me. Actually who am I kidding, I know I was and still am to this day.

As a side note, I went gear crazy last night and ordered a bunch of stuff I’ve needed. 16oz sparring gloves, shin guards, a custom fitted dental mouth guard, and a few other things. I also ordered the English-Portuguese pocket dictionary and phrase book for my trip south. The time is coming, and I couldn’t be more excited. That’s all for today, enjoy the video, and I’ve also posted a picture of the group tonight at the bottom.

Core Group 1/28/2011


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